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4K/60HZ HDMI Extender 150M
    Publish time 2022-06-28 11:46    


Model No.


Model name

HDMI4K/60HZ 150   meter Extender

HDMI resolution


60Hz, Supports1080P@120Hz etc.

Note: HDR and Dolby Vision are not   supported

HDMI Audio format

Dolby   True HD/DTS HD/Dolby Digital 5.1 /Dolby Digital Plus/ DTS 5.1 / LPCM2.0  MPEG-1/2/4 Audio etc.

HDMI   Max bandwidth


HDMI   Max baud rate


LAN   transmission rate

350*4 Mbps Max

Transmission   delay


Output cable length

1080P12m/4k5m/AWG 26 HDMI Cable

Transmission distance

150m (Cat 5e/6   4K@30/1080P@60)

100m   (Cat 5e/6 4K@60)

Serial port baud rate

Supports   115200/57600/38400/19200/9600/4800/2400/1200bps

IR   Carrier frequency


Power adapter   specification

AC 100~240V / DC12V/1.5A

Max working current

TX650mA / RX500mA

Working temperature   range

-5 ~ +35

Working humidity range

5 to 85%RHNo   Condensation

Storage temperature

-15 to 55

Storage humidity

5 ~95%RH(No   Condensation)


94 x93x28.5 (mm)




Manual   x1, Power Adaptor x2,

IR   Transmitter cable x1, IR Receiver cable x1

Connection and operation:

1. Connection instructions

1.1 Connect the HDMI IN Port of the TX to the HDMI output port of signal source/PC over a HDMI cable.

1.2 Connect the HDMI OUT Port of the RX to the HDMI input port of display device over a HDMI cable.

1.3 Connect the Cable interface of the TX to the Cable interface of the RX over a network cable.

1.4 Supply TX and RX with AC power adapter.

1.5 If you need to monitor screen output on the TX side, you can connect the HDMI OUT Port of the TX to the HDMI input port of display device over a HDMI cable.

1.6 RS232, IR IN/OUT and USB interfaces can be selected as required.

2RS232 Communication

2.1 RS232 communication is through transmission, baud rate support 1200-115200bps.

2.2 To use cross-link way for serial port connection, TXD to connect with RXD of the output connected device, the RXD to connect with the TXD of the output connected device, and GND to connect with GND.

3. IR Extend

3.1 IR Extend  is used for using IR remote to do distance control to the peripheral device.

3.2 To check if the working frequency of the IR remote is under the range of the 30-60HZ.

3.3 To point the IR Transmitter head at the peripheral device location.

3.4 IR IN and OUT of TX side are grouped with IR OUT and IN of RX side respectively, Both groups can work

independently at the same time.

4USB Expand

4.1 To use the Mini USB cable to connect the TX PC Port to the PC. Normally no need to install driver, if meet the remind

of driver installation, please download the driver by linking the Ethernet.

4.2 It can insert the Mouse, Keyboard to the RX USB Port.(Other USB peripherals are not supported).Wait until the

device is properly identified, you can use the mouse or keyboard remote control PC.

5Other matters needing attention:

5.1 This product supports EDID unvarnished transmission. The EDID information of the display device will be

automatically read and supplied to the signal source after power on or replace the display device, This will result in better

 device compatibility.

5.2 The TX side HDMI OUT port supports the resolution "Scale Down" feature. When using 4K signal source input, HDMI

 output port of RX is connected to a 4K TV and the HDMI output port of TX is connected to a Full HD TV. At this time, The

Scale Down feature will allow RX side port to output 4K signals and TX side port to automatically scale down the resolution

to 1080P. This will allow all display devices to work at optimum resolution.

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