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UHD HDMI Wireless Extender
    Publish time 2022-06-28 12:02    


Model No.


Model name

UHD HDMI Wireless   Extender


TX: HDMI IN x1,   HDMI OUT x1, IR Jack x 1, Micro USB x1,

Micro USB (DC 5V) x1

RX:   HDMI OUT x1, USB2.0 x1, Micro USB (DC 5V) x1

HDMI input resolution


Supports HDR   (HDR10/HDR12/Dolby Vision/HLG)

HDMI loop output   resolution

Same as input, with no   latency

HDMI output resolution


HDMI Audio format

LPCM (48/44.1KHZ 16/24bit)

Input/output TMDS signal


Input/output DDC signal


Transmission latency

Less than 120ms

Wireless standard

802.11 ac WiFi MIMO   technology

Wireless Band

4.900 GHz ~ 5.845 GHz   (5GHz ISM Band)

Antenna type

External dual 5dBi gain antenna

Transmit Output Power

802.11ac /MCS9 : 12dBm   ± 2 dBIPEX

Transmission distance

100m (in open space)

IR Carrier frequency


Power adapter specification

Input: AC 100~240V / Output:   DC 5V/1A (Micro USB)

Max working current

TX 500mA, RX 500mA

Working temperature range

0~ +40

Working humidity range

10 to 85%RHNo Condensation

Storage temperature

-10 to 60

Storage humidity

5 ~95%RH(No Condensation)


137.2*76.7*23.5 (mm)




Transmitter x1, Receiverx1, Manualx1, Power Adaptorx2,   Micro USB-USB cable x2, IR Transmitter cable x1


Install TX

Step1: Connect HDMI output port of video source (BD player, PC...) to HDMI input port of TX by HDMI cable.

Step 2: If you need a local screen, connect HDMI output port of TX to HDMI input port of TV by HDMI cable.

Step3: Connect the power adapter to TX and wall socket, the TX will power on automatically, the status LED light will turn on flashing red.


Install RX

Step1: Connect HDMI output port of RX to HDMI input port of TV by HDMI cable.

Step2: Connect the power adapter to RX and wall socket, the RX will power on automatically, the status LED light will turn on flashing blue.

Step3: Wait for about 50 seconds, TX and RX will be paired and connected successfully. The color of TX's status LED changes to blue and flashing.

Step4: If the source has a video output, the video will be sent from TX to RX.

How to control the device by using remote control

1, Using the infrared transmission function of this product, you can remote control the source devices and other peripherals that can be controlled by infrared (e.g. air conditioner).

2, Connect the IR Transmitter cable to the IR OUT jack of TX, and aim the IR probe in front of the IR sensor of the video source. (Please find the correct position of IR sensor of the video source or the IR signal won't pass through)

3, Use the source device remote control aiming at IR receiver hole of the RX front panel to control the source device, the distance between this IR receiver hole and remote control should be within 5m.


How to control the device by using mouse/keyboard

1, Connect the Device Port of TX to PC/ Android TV Box by using a Micro USB-USB Type A Cable.

2, Connect the RX USB Host jack with a mouse or game controller.

3, Then you can use the mouse or game controller to control the PC/ game controller in other room.


Other Notes

1, Proprietary anti-interference technology to  ensure stable streaming in a crowded Wi-Fi environment, support up to 6 sets of equipment running at the same time at one space.

2, TXRX will automatically select a channel with less interference to connect according to the current wireless interference situation.

3, Don’t worry about the data security, this product support AES 128-bit security encryption and WPA2/WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK authentication protocol to protect data. HDCP supported to protect the content.

4, If the environment is not good, the distance could will be much shorter. At this time, please try to adjust the angle of the antenna or adjust the position of the device. Matter that needs attention: Concrete walls, Brick, Wallpaper, Metal, Bulletproof glass will shorten the signal cover range or cause big signal loss. Please try to avoid these obstacles in the transmission path.

5, When the devices can’t run normally, please try to restart TX and RX, or reset and repair.

6, This product only support 48/44. 1KHZ 16/24 bit digital audio, please check the source device set to correct audio standard. If the product has no sound or abnormal sound, try to modify the audio output format of the signal source to LPCM/PCM.

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