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4K@60Hz HDMI Extender By CAT
    Publish time 2022-06-28 11:55    


Model No.


Model name

4K@60Hz HDMI Extender By CAT

HDMI resolution


Supports1080P@120Hz   etc,(not support Dolby Vision video format.)

HDMI Audio format


HDMI Max bandwidth

600MHz Max

HDMI Max baud rate

18Gbps Max

Network   cable interface

Standard   IEEE-568B wiring method



≤100m (Cat 6e 4K@30Hz/1080P@60Hz) If need more longer distance,please use the   cascade link.

≤70m (Cat 6e 4K@60Hz) If need more longer distance,please use the cascade link.

IR   Carrier frequency


POC   features


Output HDMI cable distance

2160P/AWG 26 3m
  1080P/AWG 26 8m

Power adapter


AC 100~240V/DC 5V/1.5A

Max working current


Working temperature


0 ~ +40

Working humidity range

5 to 85%RHNo   Condensation

Storage temperature

-15 to 55

Storage humidity

5 ~95%RH(No   Condensation)






Manual x1, Power Adaptor x1IR Transmitter cable x1 Receiver cable x1

4K@60Hz HDMI Extender By CAT

Connection :

Note: to follow above connecting diagram shows, you can connect HD Signal source→HDMI Extender Transmitter→HDMI Extender Receiver→Display→IR Transmitter→IR Receiver-Power

1. Connect the HDMI IN Port of the TX to the HDMI output port of

signal source/PC over one HDMI cable.

2.Connect the HDMI OUT Port of the RX to the HDMI input port of

display device over one HDMI cable.

3. To use one Ethernet cable to connect the CAT Output port of TX with the CAT IN Port of RX, Ethernet cable max supports to 100m. You can do cascade link by using Ethernet cable to connect the CAT Out port of the RX with the CAT IN Port of the next level RX.

4.To connect the power adaptor to the TX or RX for supply the power.

5. IR Transmitter and Receiver to connect to matched IR-IN/IR-OUT port.

IR Extend

1. IR Extend is used for using IR remote to do distance control to

the peripheral device.

2. To check if the working frequency of the IR remote is under the

range of the 30-50HZ.

3. To point the IR Transmitter head at the peripheral device location.

4. At One to Many mode, the IR can be only used for the first level TX and RX data transmission rather than the latter level.

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