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Video True Matrix 4X4
    Publish time 2022-06-28 14:53    


Mode No


Mode name

HDMI True Matrix 4X4

Input channel

HDMI port x4

Output channel

HDMI port x4

RS232 interface

RS232 port x1

RS232 serial communication


Resolution format


Deep color


HDMI   audio output format


HDMI Input cable length

2160P/AWG 26 5m
  1080P/AWG 26 10m

HDMI Output cable   length

2160P/AWG 26 5m
  1080P/AWG 26 10m

HDMI transmission bandwidth


HDMI transmission   rate


Power adapter   specification

Input: AC 100~240V Output: DC 12V/1.5A

Max working current


Working temperature   range

0 ~ +40

Working humidity range

5 to 85%RHNo   Condensation

Storage temperature

-15 to 55

Storage humidity

5 ~95%RH(No   Condensation)


324x137x40.05 (mm)




Manual, Power Adaptor, Remote

Video True Matrix 4X4


*Connect according to the connection method in the above figure, source → display device→ power

 IR panel showing 

1Firstly remove the plastic film in the rear board of the remote board.

2The A, B, C, D signifies the A, B, C, D output.

3The 1, 2, 3, 4 signifies the 1, 2, 3, 4 input.

4Firstly press the left Letter Key,then press the right Number Key,the matched input signal and output port will be connected. For example: to press  A key and then press number 4 key, the input 4 signal will be output to A port; to pres B key,then press the number 3 key, the input 3 signal will be output to B port.

5To press the symbol “ALL” key at remote, it can set all output port to out the same input signal. First to press the symbol “ALL” key at remote,then select the input channel that you want. For example: to press the symbol “ALL” key, then press number 1 key to put the input channel 1 signal to all output port; to press the symbol “ALL” key at remote,then press the number 2 key, it can select input channel 2 signal to all output port.

6The plastic film is strongly advised to remove it when the remote is not used for long time.

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